Elite Real Estate Systems – Homepage Punch-List


Project Includes:

W8LESS will answer the following questions and make the revisions that are possible:

– Nav dropdowns and connections >> See footer for RESOURCES and ABOUT dropdown pages

– Footer links need to be connected too.

– “See More” Button should be re-worked for better UI

– Home Buyer Tools Seller Tools Resources and about are not active and don’t have the arrows pointing down?

– Can the kwelite logo on the top left also link to the home page? It just makes the logo bigger

– On the trending areas pic when you click on the pic, it doesn’t bring you to the link it just makes the image bigger – can we have it go to the respected link?

– On the find your style section, the images don’t get larger but can the image also link to a respected link?

– In the contact form of at the bottom, it should say phone number, but it says text

– When someone tries to contact us, who do those messages go to?

– None of the buttons on the top right work still and they have no drop down like the original site?

– Luxury homes shows up twice in the bottom left corner of the website at the site map

– Revisions to the pop out (TBD)

– In the copy that talks about our office, there is a period in the last sentence that should not be there, I believe it should be a comma.

– New Construction pic still does not link

– Top areas on the bottom section needs to reflect the trending areas and need to read trending areas instead of top areas

– None of the links work on Company section on the bottom of the page

Template Does Not Include:

– Design

– Content Creation or Sourcing

– Custom Development